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Our creative services

To make more people independent we help them to build valuable products by sharing our platform, providing services and help them to be organized and act in liberated structures.

Product Management

Ship value not products.

Everything is a product and so product management methodologies like value proposition design are key for the success of all kinds of initiatives. You want to sell an idea? Convince customers? Do something valuable for the community?

We know the methods to get you there!

Implementation and Platform

In the world of software products and online services we want to be the backbone of highly valuable solutions.

Organisation Coaching

Coaching of startups and SMEs for liberating and agile structures. Agile and creative working and collaboration methodologies


Our strong purpose

The name woowai is a variation of wu wei:

Wu Wei (chinese, literally “non-doing”) is an important concept of Taoism and means natural action, or in other words, action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort. Wu wei is the cultivation of a mental state in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the flow of life.

By following Wu Wei we aim to bring creativity and inspiration to the work place. We help to make more people independent.

Our Values

Our core values

aspire to simplicity

We don't complicate things because we understand simplicity from the heart.

act agile

Being agile is not a method it's a mental state.

be useful

Unless it is useful it is not good. We ship value not products.

stay open

If you need to hide something you are doing it wrong.


Philipp Bärfuss

I always had a passion for creating products. While working at Magnolia I discovered agile processes and how they improve building valuable software products and online services. Making me and other people independent and free became my second driver. My philosophical background in Taoism and Zen drives me to more free organisational structures in which I believe valuable products emerge.

My love for products lets me admire the start-up scene but the pattern to solely boost a company's value to sell them in the end doesn’t suit my ambition. I want to build to last.

  • +41 79 774 38 00

Christian Baechler

For me, storytelling means to convey enthusiasm for a product, a service or a brand with exciting stories. Industry expertise and skillful knowledge, combined with creativity and implementational energy lead to a convincing, crossmedial customer experience that facilitates emotional customer loyalty.

I am a creative marketeer and communication specialist with long-standing professional experience in different sectors and a deep understanding and passion for nascent technologies, innovative business models, and related trends. I want to develop and implement individual and innovative marketing solutions with compelling contents that are emotionally convincing.

  • +41 79 503 18 60

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